Field Campaigns

Field Campaign April 2-12, 2013

Jeff White, Seth Young, Sarah Cadieux, Yongbo Peng (Indiana University)

Scientists Jeff White, Seth Young, and Yongbo Peng, and Graduate Student Sarah Cadieux are now on site in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Notes from the Field

April 2: Planes at Scotia had mechanical issues, so the flight was delayed a day.

April 3: Arrived at KISS late afternoon, contacted Air Greenland for helicopter support on Friday.

April 4: Taking inventory of equipment and supplies, evaluating mission plan.

April 5: Jeff White writes, "Finally got out to start field collections today. Was extremely windy – 30-40mph but not too cold. Note on the attached photo the tie on my pack extended straight out in the wind. Chopper pilot decided to fly anyway, although we decided not to send a team member along on the flight given the rough conditions. They did a quick flight out to drop our heavy gear at S. Twin site and then we hiked in. Hiking was easy since there is NO snow this winter. Got lots done and will return tomorrow for more time on S. Twin. Ice was 4 ft thick, which is great. However, by the end of the day, lake edges were melting. We are hoping for colder weather so lakes harden up again.

windy day at Kangerlussuaq

Lake ice is definitely thinner this year. It has been a particularly mild winter in Greenland. So I expected less ice. Don’t think it represents major melting but rather less ice formation. Normally they get many days with -40°F. This winter the low was only -20°F - and that was a very few days. So we have about 60-70 percent of the ice volume from last year. Also, warm weather is bringing on early melting, but I don’t think that has really had a big effect yet. With no snow cover, the ice will melt even faster than normal as the snowpack can insulate the ice from the warm winds that are blowing this time of year (plus a higher albedo)."

April 6: Jeff White writes, "Hello from Kanger. Things went very well today. Running samples tonight to see results. Will likely be running Los Gatos tomorrow too. Remains warm and very windy! Cloud cover helped hold ice today – less melting. Jeff"

microbes cultured from water samples

April 8: Jeff White writes, "Today was an outstanding day for weather (bright sun and no wind) and science. We encountered a dense population of phototrophic purple bacteria (maybe purple sulfur bacteria) at about 6m in Potentilla Lake (see filter photo right). Corresponded to a zone of elevated hydrogen sulfide. Looking forward to putting the full picture together for this lake as it seems to have an interesting story to tell regarding sulfur and methane cycling. Jeff"

April 11: Jeff White writes: All goes well here in Greenland. Many hours of fruitful field collections and lab analyses. Going from 8am to 10pm every day. But spirits are high as the data look excellent. JW

slides from the field

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