Field Campaigns

Field Campaign May 14-25, 2012

C130 Hercules

Scientists: Bruce Douglas (IU Department of Geological Sciences) and Mikki Osterloo (University of Colorado)

Bruce Douglas and Mikki Osterloo flew to Kangerlussuaq on May 13th aboard a C-130 Hercules from the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard, based at Stratton ANG Base, Scotia NY. They returned to Bloomington and Denver on May 26th.

The purpose of the May campaign was to collect rock samples from the region in which we have previously collected water and soil samples in the Kangerlussuaq area where work later in the summer will be conducted. The samples will be studied to determine their overall composition and mechanical properties to be used in mathematical models predicting their strength and fracture characteristics. During the process of selecting and collecting the samples detailed geologic maps of the exposed bedrock will be made along with maps of the surficial deposits. One those bedrock exposures that have particularly fresh and lightly weathered conditions, systematic measurements of the orientation, spacing, and opening of faults, fractures, and joints will be made. This information will allow the construction of a 3-D representation of the network of these features which tend to provide the only permeability paths for groundwater flow. The importance of bedrock lithology control will also be examined since this in turn can control the chemistry of the groundwater within individual fractures. Ultimately this information will be used to predict the optimal position to drill a series of bedrock boreholes.