Field Campaigns

Field Campaign june 27-july 25, 2012

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Lisa Pratt, Jeff White, Seth Young, Kevin Webster, Sarah Cadieux (Indiana University)
Paul Mahaffy, Peter Morey (NASA Goddard SFC)
Kris Zacny, Gale Paulsen (Honeybee Robotics, Inc.)
Lance Christensen, Kathleen Huffman Christensen (NASA JPL)
Yuheng Chen (Princeton University)

Scientists Jeff White, Lisa Pratt, and Graduate students Kevin Webster and Sarah Cadieux are now on site in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. They will travel back to the US on July 16th. Post Doctoral Research Associate Seth Young leaves on July 11th, returning on July 25th.

Teams will be at the field site for approximately 2 weeks at a time on alternate dates throughout the months of late June and July. Most members of the team from IU will leave Bloomington on June 26th and fly to Kangerlussuaq on the 27th, returning to Bloomington on July 16th. Others will remain in the field until late July and catch the southbound ANG flight on the 25th.

Drilling in the first two field campaigns will be progressively more robotic, leading to a technology demonstration in the third year of semi-autonomous drilling to depths of 2 meters with an integrated compression packer to seal the borehole and install one fiber optic and two capillary tubes. At time intervals of days to months, gas in the sealed boreholes will be transferred without atmospheric contamination to a suite of above ground instruments using the capillary tubes.

Gale Paulson from Honeybee Robotics is working closely with Jeff White and Lisa Pratt at Indiana University to refine the design of a gas-exchanging drill string that can be installed simultaneously with percussive drilling that can carried by a human over rugged terrain. Once installed at a depth of 1 to 2 meters below the surface, the perforated drill string will remain in place for several years, allowing for repeat sampling of subsurface gas from a borehole. Ongoing modification of design is focused on valves and seals to make sure the components to ensure full function at temperatures as low as -40°C.

drilling equipment