Field Campaigns

Field Campaign July 9 – August 2, 2013

Lisa Pratt, Jeff White, Sarah Cadieux, Amy Goldman (Indiana University)
Justin Spring, Sean Yoon (Honeybee Robotics)
Caroline Freissinet, Jennifer Stern (NASA Goddard)
Lance Christensen (NASA JPL)
Yuheng Chen, Tullis Onstott, Atleigh Forden (Princeton University)

Scientists Jeff White, Seth Young, and Yongbo Peng, and Graduate Student Sarah Cadieux are now on site in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Notes from the Field

July 8: Lisa Pratt and Sarah Cadieux are in Scotia, preparing for tomorrow’s flight to Kangerlussuaq. They will meet team members from Honeybee Robotics for this part of the campaign.

July 10: We are getting settled at KISS this morning and then headed out to EVV for recon this afternoon. The conference room is ours for the summer to use as a mass spectrometer laboratory. The weather is colder than previous summers and the water discharge is low at the bridge. We drove up to EVV last night to orient Justin and Sean. Sarah and I both thought that lower EVV looked to have a wider shoreline than last year. We are hoping to run the autonomous drill tomorrow on the bedrock ridge adjacent to EVV Lower. We will be testing the rock hardness penetration rate this afternoon to see if we can find a suitable location.

July 15: Teams from IU, Goddard, and Princeton are en route to Kangerlussuaq today.

August 2 All personnel are departing Kangerlussuaq for the return to Scotia NY.

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