Field Campaigns


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Indiana University

Project Director: Lisa M. Pratt
Department of Geological Sciences
1001 E. 10th St., Bloomington IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-9203
Email: prattl_at_indiana_dot_edu

Co-Investigator: Jeffrey White
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
702 North Walnut Grove, Bloomington IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-9203
Email: whitej_at_indiana_dot_edu

Co-Investigator: Bruce Douglas
Email: douglasb_at_indiana_dot_edu

Co-Investigator: Seth A. Young
Email: seayoung_at_indiana_dot_edu

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Yongbo Peng
Email: yopeng_at_indiana_dot_edu

Graduate Student: Kevin Webster
Email: kevdwebs_at_indiana_dot_edu

Graduate Student: Sarah Cadieux
Email: sbcadieu_at_indiana_dot_edu

Graduate Student: Amy Goldman
Email: amygoldm_at_indiana_dot_edu

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Co-Investigator: Paul Mahaffy
Email: paul.r.mahaffy_at_nasa_dot_gov

Peter Morey
Email: pmorey_at_ball_dot_com

Caroline Freissinet

Jennifer Stern

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Co-Investigator: Lance Christensen
Email: lance.e.christensen_at_jpl_dot_nasa_dot_gov

Honeybee Robotics

Co-Investigator: Kris Zacny
Email: zacny_at_honeybeerobotics_dot_com

Gale Paulsen
Email: paulsen_at_honeybeerobotics_dot_com

Justin Spring

Sean Yoon

Princeton University

Co-Investigator: Tullis Onstott
Email: tullis_at_princeton_dot_edu

Post-Doctoral Researcher: Yuheng Chen
Email: yuhengc_at_princeton_dot_edu

Atleigh Forden