alumni notes
Autumn Skye Murray IUGFS (2016)
Home: Lancaster KY
Career: Graduate student at Tulane University
Brian Noonan IUGFS (1995)
Home: Houston TX
Career: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Christopher Nowak G429 (1991)
Home: Bothell WA
Robert Gregory Nesselhauf G429 (1970)
Home: Fairbanks AK
Career: Retired from R.G. Nesselhauf, Consulting
Comments: “I was a TA for the G429 6-Credit Options
for both the years 1971 and 1972. I look back to the three
years that I was associated with the G429 - first year as a
student and the following two years as a TA - as the happi-
est geologic experiences in my lifetime.“
Chris Paschke G429 (1992)
Home: Houston TX
Career: PHPBilliton Petroleum
Comments: “Thanks for this. I sent in the paper form, but
I wanted to update my info on the website as well. I am
sorry that I will miss the function in Houston in January.“
Sarah Pearce (Newland) G429 (1999)
Home: Golden CO
Career: San Francisto Estuary Institute
Comments: “I have been in California since 2001 working
as a geomorphologist, and am one of the leads of the Cal-
ifornia Rapid Assessment Method for wetlands (cramwet- But my family moved to Denver this summer
for my husband’s job with USACE. I still have many proj-
ects to complete with the San Francisco Estuary Institute,
but ultimately want to transition to a Colorado firm or
agency. I would be grateful to talk with field camp alum in
Colorado to begin networking.“
Jordan Pelfrey G429e (2015)
Home: Cumming GA
Career: Advanced Disposal
Scott Pflug G429 (1993)
Home: Grand Junction CO
Career: Co-Owner, Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning
John Quinn G429 (1986)
Home: Downers Grove IL
Career: Argonne National Laboratory
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Kent Reser G429 (1978)
Home: Marietta GA
Career: Retired from IBM after a 38 year career
Comments: “It was a great once in a lifetime experi-
ence - getting there; the field camp; afterward and get-
ting home. I would love to get the contact info for 3 of
my classmates from G429 1978: Joseph Martin, Curtis
Smith & Robert Goldstein.“
Eric Riggs G429 (1995)
Home: Houston TX
Career: On faculty at Texas A&M University
Comments: “Hope all is well for you guys! Miss teach-
ing up there!”
Lorri Ronis (Maloney) G429 (1984)
Home: Herndon VA
Lanya Ross IUGFS (1997)
Home: St. Paul MN
Career: Metropolitan Council
Frank Scavo G429 (1972)
Home: Irvine CA
Career: Strativa, Inc. Computer Economics, Inc.

Comments: “The field studies was a high point of my
life. Although I never worked in a geology-related field,
I treasured this experience. I enjoyed watching the vid-
eos of the students today. Thanks for reaching out.”
Janet Schweitzer IUGFS (1981)
Home: Golden CO
Michael Sharwood (Schaiowitz), M.A.

Home: Australia. Married to Helen Sharwood, Retired
Brian Shaw G429 (1972)
Home: McLean VA
Career: National Intelligence University at the Pentagon
Comments: “Currently serving as Dean of the Oetting-
er School of Science and Technology Intelligence. The
School is the focus of S&T degree-granting education
across intelligence and national security communities.

The National Intelligence University was chartered by
the Department of Defense in 1962, and the Universi-
ty’s degrees — the Master of Science and Technology
Intelligence, the Master of Strategic Intelligence and the
Bachelor of Science in Intelligence — are authorized by