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Our Donors 2011 to Present

Our scholarships, endowments, fellowships, and capital campaigns are made possible by generous donations from our alumni and supporters.


Abel, Cole and Jean Brown-Abel
Adams, Richard and Marsha
Adkins, Keith and Yvonne Oropeza
Alexander, Jeannie L.
Allen, Harry and Deborah
Anderson, Garry and Janice
Ashelr, Phillip and Linda
Babb, M. D.
Baker, Kate H.
Baker, Jack and Carolyn
Balta, Joseph B.
Balthasar, Lawrence H.
Barbour, Robert and Evelyn
Basu, Abhijit and Ilora
Bear, Glenn and Lorie
Beckman, Richard J.
Belak, Ronald M.
Beith, Jeffrey and Sandra
Benham, Steven R.
Benson, Geraldine M.
Berg, Edward E.
Bish, David and Karen
Blakely, Robert and Rosanna
Boice, Anand E.
Boilenbacher, John and Martha
Bonberger, Harvey J.
Bork, Kennard and Katherine
Bottjer, David J.
Bottum, Annette W.
Boyce, Robert and Elizabeth
Brassell, Simon and Trudy
Bratton, Gregory
Bretsch, Kenneth and Jo Ann
Brittain, Alan L.
Brobst, Donald and Elizabeth
Bromley, Bruce and Linda
Bruns, Thomas M.
Bubb, John and Janet
Buffie, Edward and Patricia
Burrin, Walter and Laura Wilson
Callis, Joseph and Anne
Canepa, Alfred P.
Carlson, Christopher and Martha Anderson
Carpenter, Michael and Cheryl
Carter, Pamela H.
Carter, James and Janet
Caserotti, Phillip and Wendi
Chase, Daniel and Anna
Chaudhuri, Sambhudas
Chen, Yanyan
Chewning, Eugene and Maribeth Coller
Christensen, Carl W.
Christensen, Evart and Suzanne
Cleveland, John and Elinor
Cody, Clyde and Elizabeth
Coller, David A.
Cook, Jeffrey and Theresa
Coons, Philip and Elizabeth Bowman
Cooper, Christa A.
Cordua, William and Janet
Crisman, James and Sue
Crisp, Edward L.
Cutler, Jodi L.
Daniel, Diane M.
Darko, David and Jill
Dean, Lyndon and Mildred
Delph, Bryan and Melanie
Derner, Carol A.
Deitz, Gerald E.
Dixon, William and Phyllis
Dodd, James and Margaret
Douglas, Bruce and Lisa Pratt
Drake, Kenneth and Kathleen
Duc, Aileen M.
Duigon, Mark T.
Duncan, Mack and Julie
Dutta, Prodip and Gouri
Eagar, Kevin C.
Eckle, Robert L.
Elliott, William S.
Enright, Nicholas and Pilar
Fairman, Randall and Korryn
Fariss, William A.
Farley, Martin B.
Farnsworth, James W.
Ferry, James and Jean
Fertal, Thomas G.
Fetter, Nancy B.
Foster, Andrea L.
Friberg, James F.
Fritz, Lois J.
Fry, Geneva R.
Gellasch, Christopher and Amy
Gerdenich, Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Ghose, Shankar and Geeta
Ghose, Sujoy and Romi
Gladish, Lowell and Marilyn
Glassman, Scott and Susan
Goldschmidt, Bruno and Eileen
Goltz, Larry and Eileen
Gotham, Scott and Susan
Gosine, Rajindra
Graham, Michael and Kate
Greeley, David
Green, Sidney and Selma Novograd Green
Green, Don L.
Green, Deborah Tilford
Grender, Gordon and Evelyn
Griest, Stewart and Risa
Grover, Monty and Susie
Guthrie, John and Sheila
Guzman, Humberto and Joyce
Haase, Charles S.
Hadley, Scott and Ann
Hall, Stephen and Barbara
Hamburger, Michael and Jennifer Bass
Hamilton, Michael M.
Hamilton, Stanley and Mary
Hanley, Thomas and Judith
Hanna, William and N
Hannin, Donald and Nancy
Harmon, William and Lynn
Harms, Tekla A.
Harper, Roxanne R.
Harvey, Richard and Jenny
Hasenmueller, Walter and Nancy
Hatfield, Craig and Nancy
Hattin, Donald and Marjorie
Hayes, Michael and Kathryn
Hays, Mary E.
Heath, Helen
Helmond, Tyler D.
Henderson, Stephen and Kathryn
Henderson, Gerald J.
Herz, Donald L.
Hess, David F.
Hieshima, Glenn and Suzanne Kairo
Hinton, Richard and Maryellen
Hoffman, Bradley and Linda
Hokanson, Neil B.
Holm, Melody R.
Holmes, Keith and Kimberly Fisher
Huffaker, Ralph M.
Huffman, Samuel F.
Hughes, William and Paulette Hervi Hughes
Hugnes, James and Helen
Hultberg, Jane W. Hultberg
Immega, Neal and Inda
Inderwiesen, Philip L.
Ingersoll, Ray Ingersoll
Jacoba, Alan and Luanna
James, Bruce and Susan
Jenner, Gordon A.
Johnson, Adam P.
Johnson, Gerald and Marilyn
Jones, Laura K. Jones
Jones, Robert G.
Jones, Henry L.
Jungermann, Mark and Nancy
Karasevich, Lawrence and Ellen
Kauffman, Erle and Claudia Johnson
Kauffman, Christina
Kayes, Douglas and Karen
Keller, Teresa B.
Kemmerer, Bryan S.
Kissel, Wesley and Mary
Kline, Randy and Jennifer
Kluesner, David and Zaiton
Klusman, Ronald and Sharon
Koch, Philip S.
Konetski, Louis C.
Kraemer, Stephen R.
Krebes, Elizabeth A.
Kring, David A.
Kudla, Ramona D.
Kuizon, Lucia
Kurt, Marjorie J.
Kwiecien, Therese M.
Kwon, Byung D.
Lake, Ellen A.
Lane, Michael A.
Latimer, Fred and Dorothy
Lazor, John and Barbara
Leininger, Steven and Susanne
Lemley, Rodney and Marsha
Leonard, Mark and Kim
Lesher, Carl M.
Letsinger, Sally L.
Li, Chusi
Lieser, Michael L.
Litehiser, Joe J.
Liu, Xin
Lu, Peng and Xiaoou Sun


Magley, Herbert L.
Manson, Joseph L.
Maples, Christopher and Sara
Marksamer, Andee J.
Martin, David M.
Mason, Jack L.
Mathews, David and Betty
Matney, Elizabeth A.
May, Michael and Elizabeth
May, Lee and Kim Hughes
Mazalan, Paul
McDevitt, Patrick and Dorothy
McGee, Michael T.
McTaggart, Robert and Barbara
Mead, John and Virginia
Meise, Maxwell and Judith
Miesch, Alfred and Norma
Miller, Michael and Anne
Millholland, Madelyn A.
Montgomery, Douglas and Martha
Morganwalp, David and Jill
Mound, Michael and Elizabeth Greene
Murat, Michael E.
Murphy, Janet L.
Murray, Haydn and Juanita
Mustonen, Eric
Myers, Bobby W.
Nellist, William and Catherine
Nelson, Jack L.
Nichols, Wayne and Janet
Nicholson, Howard T.
Niemann, Samuel and Evelyn
Njau, Jackson and Angela Vanrooy
Noe, Nicholas W.
Noel, John and Julie
Oberly, Charles and Barbara
Ogle, Ronald K.
Oliver, Joseph and Christine McEnery
Olliver, David C.
Olyphant, Greg and Cynthia
Oslos, Michael J.
Oslund, Jeffrey and Raelene
Outhouse, David and Donna
Palmer, Arthur and Margaret
Parrish, Andrew R.
Parsell, James and Jean
Patzkowsky, Mark and Katherine Freeman
Paulin, Travis and Katherine
Pavlis, Gary and Mary
Percy, Arthur and Sondra
Pershing, Bill and Kathleen
Pfau, Gerchard and Alica
Phiefer, Raymond N.
Phelps, Tommy and S Pfiffner
Pickering, Ranard J.
Pirie, Robert and Deborah
Ploger, Sheila
Plymate, Thomas and Lynda
Polly, Paul Polly and Rebecca Spang
Price, Robert Price and Mary Runnells
Pruett, Amanda S.
Pruett. Robert and Diane
Pruett, Penny A.
Pruett, Shirley A.
Purkey, Thomas and Becky
Reid, Robert G.
Reiss, Kenneth and Coral
Remmes, Nicholas and Kate
Renzetti, Phyllis J.
Repin, Dmitriy G.
Retherford, Michael and Dana
Revetta, Frank and Joann
Reynolds, Amanda C.
Richard, Benjamin H.
Riddell, John T.
Ridgely, Bradley and Debra
Riepe, Ronald A.
Riggle, Virginia M.
Riggs, Kenton and Jane
Rimstidt, James D.
Ripley, Edward and Kathleen
Robbins, Eric and Janice
Rodgers, George and Jeri
Rohr, Steven and Susan
Romey, William D.
Rosales, Alicia M.
Rupp, Sharon K.
Rutland, Carolyn
Saenger, Robert C.
Sanislo, Rosanne R.
Sauer, Peter and Deborah
Schacht, Robert C.
Schimmelmann, Minh and Arndt
Schmoll, Aaron and Kirstie Andersen
Schrage, David and Barbara
Schull, Thomas and Diane
Schultz, Dale A.
Serne, Dennis H.
Sexton, John and Mary
Shaffer, Nelson and Kathryn
Shaver, Marcia S.
Shorb, William and Lisa
Siekierski, Jerome M.
Sieverding, Jayne L.
Sitver, Robin S.
Smith, Craig
Smith, Linda J.
Smith, James A.
Smith, Aaron D.
Smith, Barry S.
Smith, Siobhan P.
Smith, Stephen C.
Snow, Donald and Phyllis
Solano-Acosta, Wilfrido and Irene Arango
Sonntag, Mark and Jean
Specker, Joyce
St. Jean, Joseph and Elena
Stafford, Rodney and Marie
Sterrett, Robert and Renate
Stewart, Michael and Carol
Stigall, Justin L.
Studebaker, Larry and Rebecca
Sukup, James and Mary
Sullivan, James H.
Sun, Zhenbo
Suttner, Lee and Virginia
Szpakowski, James and Sally
Tarbuck, Edward J.
Tayolor, Lawrence and Dawn
Terry, Wayne D.
Thacher, Adam and Catherine Thibault
Thakurta, Joyashish
Thomas, Andrew and Sarah
Thornburg, Janet
Tinker, Scott and Allyson
Tipple, Gregory and Joyce Basciano
Tipple, Brett and Kathryn
Towell, Lindsay B.
Towell, Brian and LaDawn
Townsend, Margaret J.
Tudor, Janet
Turner, Mary A.
Turpin, Karon S.
Utgaard, Mary S.
Utgard, Russell and Doris
Vance, Kenneth and Joyce
Vandrey, Michael and Debra
Wakerman, James F.
Walker, Jerome P.
Walker, Rachel I.
Wang, Margaret C.
Wang, Yifeng and Jianjun Lin
Wasylenki, Laura E.
Weidman, Eleanor Y.
Wells, Grant and Helen
White, David and Alice
White, Orvil and Christene
White, James and Sheri
Whitesides, Dietrich and Caroline
Wilcer, Bruce L.
Williams, Johnnie R.
Williamson, Rebecca R.
Winarski, Erik C.
Wintsch, Robert P.
Wirth, Donald W.
Wischmeyer, Michael and Pamela
Wolfe, Ralph H.
Wong, Wing-Leung and On-Ni Cheng
Wright, William H.
Yarlot, Mark and Janet
Yates, Martin and Diane Vatne
Yokoyama, Christopher and Sandy
Young, Steven and Margretta
Youngflesh, James H.
Zaback, Andrew and Doreen
Zachary, Stephanie L.
Zeller, Thomas and Mary Rothert
Zeller, Evan R.