Abhijit Basu

Representative Publications

Taylor, L.A., Hogankamp, J.V., Watts, L.A., Wentworth, S.J., Archer, P.D., Ziegler, R.A., and Basu, A. 2018. Disintegration of lunar samples over time: A test. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 53:1096-1103

Basu, A. and Bickford, M.E. 2015. An alternative perspective on the opening and closing of the intracratonic Purana basins in peninsular India. Journal Geological Society of India 85:5-25.

Basu, A. 2015. Meteorites, cosmochemistry, astrophysics, and planetary bodies. Indian Journal of Geology 85:69-94.

Bickford, M.E., Basu, A., Kamenov, G.D., Mueller, P.A., Patranabis–Deb, S., and Mukherjee, A. 2014. Petrogenesis of 1000 Ma felsic tuffs, Chhattisgarh and Indravati basins, Bastar craton, India: Geochemical and Hf-isotope constraints Journal of Geology 122:43–54 DOI

Basu, A., Schieber, J., Patranabis–Deb, S. and Dhang, P.C. 2013. Recycled detrital quartz grains are sedimentary rock fragments indicating unconformities: examples from the Chhattisgarh Supergroup, Bastar craton, India Journal of Sedimentary Research 83:368–376 DOI

Mukherjee, A., Bickford, M.E., Hietpas, J., Schieber, J. and Basu, A. 2012. Implications of a newly dated ca. 1000-Ma rhyolitic tuff in the Indravati Basin, Bastar Craton, India Journal of Geology 120:477–485 DOI

Bickford, M.E., Basu, A., Mukherjee, A., Hietpas, J., Schieber, J., Patranabis–Deb, S., Ray, R.K., Guhey, R., Bhattacharya, P. and Dhang, P.C. 2011. New U–Pb SHRIMP zircon ages of the Dhamda Tuff in the Mesoproterozoic Chhattisgarh Basin, Peninsular India: stratigraphic implications and significance of a 1–Ga thermal-magmatic event Journal of Geology 119:535–548 DOI

Basu, A., Patranabis–Deb, S., Schieber, J. and Dhang, P.C. 2009. Stratigraphic position of the ˜1000 Ma Sukhda Tuff (Chhattisgarh Supergroup, India) and the 500 Ma question Precambrian Research 167:383–388.

Basu, A. 2009. A working hypothesis on the Mesoproterozoic ages in India and its impact on some global concepts. Journal of Applied Geochemistry 11:43–57.

Patranabis–Deb, S., Bickford, M.E., Hill, B., Chaudhuri A.K. and Basu, A. 2007. SHRIMP ages of zircon in the uppermost tuff in Chattisgarh Basin in central India require ~500Ma adjustment in Indian Proterozoic stratigraphy. Journal of Geology 115:407–415.

Mihaela Glamoclija and Abhijit Basu 2007. Comparative geology of Earth, Mars, and Moon during the first ˜1.5Ga of their evolution. Transactions, Mining, Metallurgical and Geological Institute 103:30–82.

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