Biogeochemistry Ph.D. and M.S. Theses


Sarah Cadieux Ph.D. 9/2015, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Spatial and seasonal variation in aquatic chemistry and biogeochemical cycling of methane within adjacent closed-basin lakes on the southwest margin of Greenland."

Cindy Elbaz Ph.D. 2015 Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Microbial cycling of sulfur in a mesothermal spring on the Oregon Basalt Plateau."

Furmann, Agnieszka Ph.D. 2015, Advisor: Simon Brassell. "The late cretaceous Belle Fourche and Second White Specks formations in west-central Alberta, Canada, as an emerging hybrid source rock/reservoir shale play" Document URL


Akar, Çagla M.S. 2014, Advisor: Arndt Schimmelmann. "Maturity and hydrocarbon potential of the New Albany Shale and Maquoketa Shale in the Illinois Basin, USA" Document URL

Bryan, Allison L. M.S. 2014, Advisor: Laura Wasylenki. "Zinc isotope fractionation during adsorption onto synthetic birnessite" Document URL

Chen, Yanyan Ph.D. 2014, Advisors: Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann. "Heterogeneity of organic matter in coals and shales" Document URL

Colcord, Devon M.S. 2014, Advisor: Simon Brassell. "Assessment of GDGTs as paleotemperature proxies in sedimentary records from a series of small lakes in southwestern Greenland" Document URL

Goldman, Amy M.S. 2014, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "High-resolution passive sampling of dissolved methane concentration and isotopic composition in Arctic lakes" Document URL

Howe, Haleigh D. M.S. 2014, Advisor: Laura Wasylenki. "Ni isotope fractionation during sorption onto ferrihydrite" Document URL


Carvajal-Ortiz, Humberto Ph.D. 2013, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Stable isotopes from methane and hydrogen sulfide in gas hydrates as source signatures: Influence of clay minerals, biosurfactants, and salts on isotopic selectivity" Document URL

Gao, Ling Ph.D. 2013, Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz. "Microbial degradation and thermal maturation of sedimentary organic matter: Insights into generation of petroleum and unconventional natural gas" Document URL

Liu, Faye Ph.D. 2013, Advisors: Lisa Pratt, Gary Pavlis. "Assessment of carbon dioxide storage potential in saline formations and shale gas reservoirs with enhanced gas recovery in the Midwest regions, U.S.A" Document URL

Webster, Kevin M.S. 2013, Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann, Jeffery White. "Methane dynamics associated with a small Arctic lake, southwest Greenland" Document URL


Gray, Walter E. M.S. 2012, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Refined stratigraphic interpretation of the St. Louis Limestone, south-central Indiana, USA, using sulfur isotopic curves for carbonate-associated sulfate" Document URL


Johnson, Adam Ph.D. 2011, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Amino acid preservation in simulated and natural sulfate mineral assemblages as analogs for surficial processes on the surface of Mars" Document URL

Khadhrawi, Mohammad R. Ph.D. 2011, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Stratigraphic-forward and reactive-transport modeling of depositional and diagenetic processes in siliciclastic sandstones" Document URL

Mysinger, Jason C. M.S. 2011, Advisors: Brian Keith, Lisa Pratt. "Subsurface Sequence Stratigraphy of the West Baden Group in Pike County, Indiana" Document URL


Lu, Peng Ph.D. 2010, Advisor: Chen Zhu. "Coupled feldspar dissolution-clay precipitation kinetics and lead sorption onto ferrihydrite nano particles" Document URL


Everett, Melanie Ph.D. 2009, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Molecular and isotopic indicators of paleoenvironmental change in low-organic-carbon soils with applications to Pleistocene archaeological sites in Greece, Algeria, and Ethiopia." Document URL


Hoffman, Katrina, M.S. 2008. "Contrasting sulfur isotopic characteristics for sulfate and sulfide in a lacustrine sediment profile from Lake Fryxell, Antarctica."


Solano-Acosta, Wilfrido, Ph.D. 2007, Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz. "Coal-bed methane content and CO2 sequestration potential of Illinois Basin coals." Document URL

Strąpoć, Dariusz, Ph.D. 2007, Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmannm Maria Mastalerz. "Coalbed gas origin and distribution in the southeastern Illinois Basin." Document URL

Villinski, Jennifer, Ph.D. 2007, Advisor: Jonn Hayes. "Molecular-isotopic studies of phytoplanktonic and heterotrophic biomarkers" Document URL


Arango, Irene, Ph.D. 2006, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Sulfur isotopic characterization of bedrock, alkaline lakes, and evaporitic sediment from a closed-drainage basin on the Oregon basalt plateau." Document URL

Dumitrescu, Mirela, Ph.D. 2006, Advisor: Simon Brassell. "High-resolution stratigraphy of organic matter from the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event at Shatsky Rise, ODP Leg 198." Document URL

Lis, Grzegorz, Ph.D. 2006, Advisors: Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz. "Effects of thermal maturation on organic hydrogen-2/hydrogen-1 ratios and hydrogen isotopic exchangeability in Paleozoic marine kerogens (type-II)." Document URL


Anglen, Brandy, Ph.D. 2005, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Contrasting sulfur isotopic characteristics for sulfate and sulfide in water and sediment profiles from three lakes in Taylor Valley, Antarctica." Document URL

Harvey, Mark, M.Sc. 2005. "Combustion of fossil organic matter at the K/T boundary." [oclc 72439229]

Gupta, Nabanita, M.Sc. 2005, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Sedimentary and diagenetic cycling of carbon and sulfur in fine-grained sediments from a saline-alkaline lake in Warner Valley, Oregon." [oclc 61246838]

Walker, Rachel Ph.D. 2005, Advisors: Maria Mastalerz, Simon Brassell. "Insights into the coking behavior of southern Indiana coals: Bulk coal properties and individual maceral chemistries" Document URL


Boice, Anand Erik, Ph.D. 2004, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Sulfur isotopic evidence of microbial activity during deposition of a Neoarchean shale and in modern deep groundwater, Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa." Document URL

Pietraszek-Mattner, Sarah, Ph.D. 2004, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Tracking the aerobic biodegradation of biomarkers present in surface petroleum seeps, Illinois Basin, USA." Document URL


Henning, Mark, M.Sc. 2003. "Development and application of a multi-valve GC-IRMS gas inlet system." [oclc 52966295]

Struck, Scott, Ph.D. 2003. "Soil organic matter in created and natural estuarine wetlands: importance to benthic macrofaunal communities and elemental cycling (C, N, P, S, Fe)." [AAT 3111941] [Proquest 765143581] [oclc 54490670]

Graham, Sean, M.Sc. 2003. "Wetland peat accretion and phosphorus accumulation: implications for Upper Klamath Lake (Oregon) water quality management."

Overberg, Kristi, M.Sc. 2003. "Metal accumulation and partitioning in Margaritifera falcata (Goul, 1985) in Bear valley Creek, Idaho."


Elliott, William S., Jr., Ph.D. 2002, Advisors: Lisa Pratt, Lee Suttner. "Climatic and tectonic significance of the sedimentology, provenance, and stable carbon isotope geochemistry of continental mudrocks of the Cloverly Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in Wyoming." Document URL

Kulp, Tom, Ph.D. 2002, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "The stratigraphic distribution and geochemical speciation of selenium in the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale and Niobara Formation in South Dakota." Document URL


Sessions, Alex L. Ph.D. 2001, Advisor: John Hayes. "Hydrogen isotope ratios of individual organic compounds." Document URL


Mora, German, Ph.D. 2000, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Stable isotopic and geochemical assessment of Andean terrestrial ecosystems during Pleistocene climate changes." Document URL


Eigenbrode, Jennifer, M.Sc. 1999, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Sedimentological, carbon-isotopic and molecular records of Late Holocene climate in the sediments of Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain, California." [oclc 42322638]


Brüchert, Volker, Ph.D. 1998, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Early diagenesis of Sulfur and preservation of organic matter: Sulfur distribution and stable isotopic composition." Document URL

Coats, Jennifer Ayers, M.Sc. 1998, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Carbon isotopic variation in terrestrial organic matter across the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in the Wind River and Big Horn basins, Wyoming." [oclc 40842662]

Davis, Cara, Ph.D. 1998, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Paleoceanographic influences on accumulation of organic matter and trace metals in Cretaceous black shale and carbonate, Western Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela." Document URL

Warner, Matt, Ph.D. 1998, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Geochemical characterization of sedimentary organic matter and hydrothermal petroleum in the black shale-hosted Zn-Pb deposit at Red Dog Mine, Western Brooks Range, Alaska." Document URL


Carmo, Ana Maria dos Santos, Ph.D. 1997, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "An isotopic and geochemical study of climatic and oceanographic factors influencing organic-matter preservation during the Late Cretaceous in Sergipe Basin, Brazil." Document URL

McCoy, Megan E., M.Sc. 1997. "Oxide stockpile assessment, Golden Sunlight Mine, Whitehall, MT. [Montana]." [oclc 37826237]

Leckrone, Kristen, Ph.D. 1997, Advisor: John Hayes. "Continuous-flow instrumentation for isotopic analysis of dissolved organic carbon." Document URL

Mora, German, M.Sc. 1997, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Geochemical and isotopic record of climate fluctuations during the Middle and Late Pleistocene in lacustrine deposits from the Sabana de Bogota Basin, Colombia." [oclc 37856729]


Santos Neto, Eugenio Vaz dos, Ph.D. 1996, Advisors: John Hayes, Lisa Pratt. "Isotopic characterization of the Cretaceous lacustrine and marine-evaporitic sequences and related oils from the Potiguar Basin, northeastern Brazil." Document URL

Wang, Ruiliang, Ph.D. 1996, Advisor: Simon Brassell. "Molecular and isotropic signals of environmental/climatic changes in modern and ancient hypersaline sedimentary records." Document URL

Dzvonik, Joseph, M.Sc. 1996. "Alkenones as records of oceanic paleotemperatures: Studies of Eocene and Oligocene sediments from the north, south, and equatorial Atlantic." [oclc 36419086]

Suits, Neil, M.Sc. 1996, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Paleoceanographic interpretation of a sulfur isotopic excursion in pyrite and acid-volatile sulfides from the Hartland Shale and Bridge Creek Limestone members of the Greenhorn Formation near Pueblo, Colorado." [oclc 36724061]


Monk, Stephen Mark, M.Sc. 1995, Advisor: LIsa Pratt. "Distribution and characterization of organic matter in sediments of the Santa Monica basin, offshore California." [oclc 34930037]


Bian, Lianggiao, M.Sc. 1994, Advisor: John Hayes. "Isotopic biogeochemistry of individual compounds in a modern coastal marine sediment (Kattegat, Denmark and Sweden)." [oclc 31195477]

Fluegge, Arnim, M.Sc. 1994. "Molecular-isotopic derivation of maps of sea-surface temperature and oceanic pCO2 in the eastern equatorial Pacific." [oclc 31210347]

Guthrie, John Marshall, Ph.D. 1994, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Organic geochemistry and carbon isotopic compositions of strata in the Upper Ordovician Maquoketa Group and oils in Ordovician reservoirs from the Illinois Basin." Document URL

Lee, Insung, Ph.D. 1994, Advisor: Ed Ripley. "Petrologic and geochemical studies of the Spruce Road copper-nickel deposit, Duluth Complex, Minnesota." [AAT 9500401] [Proquest 741105821] [oclc 31597933]

McDonald, Susan K. Ph.D. 1994, Advisor: Bruce Douglas. "Subcritical fracture propagation and its application to compound earthquakes" Document URL


Wendorf, Scott, M.Sc. 1992. "Speciation and isotopic fractionation of sulfur in sediments of the Santa Monica Basin, offshore California." [oclc 26919466]

Collister, James, Ph.D. 1992, Advisor: John Hayes. "An isotopic biogeochemical study of the Green River oil shale (Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado)." Document URL

Hieshima, Glenn, Ph.D. 1992, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Organic and isotopic geochemical study of the middle Proterozoic Nonesuch Formation, North American Midcontinent Rift." Document URL

Kairo, Suzanne Ph.D. 1992, Advisor: Lee Suttner. "Facies-related mineralogic and geochemical variations in sandstones from the Minturn Formation (Pennsylvanian), north-central Colorado" Document URL

Zaback, Doreen, Ph.D. 1992, Advisor: Lisa Pratt. "Geochemical and stable isotopic study of the carbon-sulfur-iron-manganese-phosphorus system in the Miocene Monterey Formation, Santa Maria Basin, California." Document URL


Freeman, Katherine, Ph.D. 1991, Advisor: John Hayes. "The carbon isotopic compositions of individual compounds from ancient and modern depositional environments." Document URL


Kauffman, Alan J. Ph.D. 1990, Advisor: John Hayes. "Stable isotopic studies of early Proterozoic banded iron formations and late proterozoic carbonate platform sequences" Document URL