James G. Brophy

Representative Publications

Yohler, R., Njau, J. and Brophy, J. 2015 (abstract). A geophysical approach to understanding the Olduvai Gorge basin subsurface: Using magnetics to track Be I basalt flows. GSA Annual Meeting, Baltimore Maryland

Brophy, J.G. 2015 (abstract). Numerical modeling of REE-SiO2 systematics during island arc lower crustal amphibolite melting: the role of partial disequilibrium melting conditions. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts

Pu, X., Brophy, J.G. and Tsujimori, T. 2014. Rare Earth Element – SiO2 systematics of island arc crustal amphibolite migmatites from the Asago body of the Yakuno Ophiolite: a field evaluation of some model predictions. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 168:1060 DOI

Biasi, J.A., Brophy, J. and Wintsch, R.P. 2014. Magma Interactions in a Central Maine Pluton. Abstracts with Programs, Geological Society of America 46(6):374

Brophy, J.G. and Pu, X. 2012. Rare Earth Element–SiO2 systematics of mid-ocean ridge plagiogranites and host gabbros from the Fournier oceanic fragment, New Brunswick, Canada: a field evaluation of some model predictions. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 164:191-204.

Brophy, J.G., Ota, T., Kunihiro, T., Tsujimori, T. and Nakamura, E. 2011. In situ ion-microprobe determination of trace element partition coefficients for hornblende, plagioclase, orthopyroxene and apatite in equilibrium with natural rhyolitic glass, Little Glass Mountain Rhyolite, California. American Mineralogist 96:1838-1850.

Bowen, B.B., Ochoa, R., Wilkens, N.D., Brophy, J.G., Lovell, T.R., Fischietto, N., Medina, C. and Rupp, J. 2011. Depositional and Diagenetic Variability Within the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone: Implications for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration. Environmental Geosciences 18:69-89.

Brophy, J.G. 2009. Decompression and H2O exsolution driven crystallization and fractionation: development of a new model for low pressure fractional crystallization in calc-alkaline magmatic systems. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 157:797-833.

Brophy, J.G. 2009. La-SiO2 and Yb-SiO2 systematics in mid-ocean ridge (MOR) magmas: implications for the origin of plagiogranite. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 158:99-111.

Sarkar, A., Brophy, J.G., Ripley, E.M., Li, C. and Kamo, S. 2009. Geochemical and isotopic studies of the Lady of the Lake Intrusion: Constraints on the genetic relation between Cretaceous mafic and silicic magmatism in southwestern Montana. Lithos 113:555-569.