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The SEG – IU raises funds to offset costs of various functions in several ways.

dan at rock show

So far, we have held two fundraisers for our chapter. The first was holding a mineral specimen auction in conjunction with the IU Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE) Chapter. Each spring, SGE holds an auction to raise funds to support an annual regional conference, called Crossroads, held at IU. We graciously asked the SGE president if we could include some mineral specimens from the SEG president’s personal collection. She was more than happy to team up with us, and in the process raised $60 from five specimens. Not a bad start at all considering the chapter was only together for a month when this took place.

The second fundraiser was having a table at the 48th annual Gem-Mineral-Fossil Show and Swap that was held at the Bloomington Fairgrounds, sponsored by the Lawrence County Rock Club. Mineral specimens and hand-crafted jewelry were sold to raise funds, and was composed 100% of donations from chapter members and faculty. Seven chapter members volunteered their weekend time to work in shifts. In being surrounded by veteran professional dealers selling world-class crystal specimens, we were unsure as to how we would fare. The end result was $460 raised, much to our delight! During the three-day event, we also received a request from a customer to come speak to a school group about rocks and minerals. Also, two neighboring dealers took much delight in our chapter mission to spread economic geology education in that they donated several of their specimens for us to sell! Needless to say, we were welcomed with open arms and we plan on continuing with this event for future summers.

rock show

We are also indebted to the Society of Economic Geologists for a chapter grant of $1,500 awarded to us in May 2012, and the Indiana Geological Survey for a $200 donation to help start up chapter activities.