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The chapter has voted to go on its first annual international ore deposits field trip to British Columbia (BC). Tentatively, the trip is being scheduled for seven to ten days from late May to early June 2013. The primary objective is to visit and study the various types of ore deposits that occur in the Canadian Cordillera in the southern part of the province such as: Cu-Mo-Au porphyry, W-Au skarns, Mississippi Valley-Type Pb-Zn, gem-bearing pegmatites, as well as possibly SEDEX and minor komatiite Ni-Cu-PGE deposits. We hope to end the trip with a visit to Mt. Rainier and/or Mt. St. Helens in Washington State.

In the case that logistics for the BC trip are not on our side, a backup trip option is to visit Montana, either during late May-early June or for Spring Break of 2013. The chapter has booked a one-day local field trip to visit the Enos Coal Mine Reclamation site in southern Indiana for October 20. Mark Stacey, of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, will lead the chapter on the trip. The trip will also be made open to the entire Geological Sciences department (spaces pending) which will also fully cover all transportation.


  • Enos Coal Mine Reclamation Site, Arthur, IN (link for photos)
  • IMI Pendleton Quarry, Anderson, IN (March 23, 2013)


  • Shoals Gypsum Mine, Shoals, IN (April 12, 2013)
  • Western Montana/Eastern Idaho (May 20-June 4, 2013)