Economic Geology Graduate Students 2016-2017

Cavanagh, Patrick, Ph.D. in progress. Advisor: David Bish

Lilley, Matthew, Ph.D in progress. Advisor: Ed Ripley. "Oxygen isotope studies of the J-M Reef and surrounding rocks in the Stillwater Complex, Montana."

Medina, Cristian, Ph.D in progress. Advisor: Jim Brophy

Prokopf, Derek, M.S. in progress. Advisor: Ed Ripley, "Sulfur isotope and trace element studies of country rock-hosted massive sulfides near the Duluth Complex, Minnesota, and the Eagle Deposit, Michigan."

Smith, Josh Ph.D. in progress, Advisor: Ed Ripley. "Multiple S, Re-Os, and Pb isotopic studies of massive sulfides hosted in country rocks near the Stillwater Complex, Duluth Complex, Tamarack Intrusive Complex, and the Eagle deposit."