Erika R. Elswick

Representative Publications

Elswick E.R. and Maynard, J.B. 2014. Bedded barite deposits: Environments of Deposition, Styles of Mineralization, and Tectonic Settings. Vol. 7 - Sediments, Diagenesis, and Sedimentary Rocks, Treatise on Geochemistry 2nd Ed. Indiana Geological Survey Special Paper #71 22p.

Simonelli, G.A., Johnson, C.C., Elswick, E.R., Kauffman, E.G., Eble, C.F. and Hasiotis, S.T. 2014. Sedimentology, geochemistry and paleobiology of the Mansfield Formation, Indiana, USA – a Pennsylvanian marginal marine depositional environment.

Elswick, E.R. and Gercke, T.L. 2013. Physical and Geochemical Characteristics of Soils of Angel Mounds State Historic Site, Indiana: including a case study of sherds from Unit A. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 38(2):245–-258.

Shriner, C.M., Elswick, E.R., Ripley, E.M., Shimmelmann, A. and Murray, H.H. Natural Environment as a Determinative Factor in Greek Early Helladic Cultural Change on the Argive Plain: Proceedings of the Helike IV Conference.

Elswick, E.R. and Johnson, C.C. 2010. Evaluation of a Siliciclastic Diamictite from Belize. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 29:676-684.

Algeo, T.J., Hinnov, L., Moser, J., Maynard, J.B., Elswick, E.R., Kuwahara, K. and Sano, H. 2010. Changes in productivity and redox conditions in the Panthalassic Ocean during the latest Permian: Geology 38(2):187-190.

In Preparation

Nold, K.D., Johnson, C.C., Conrad, G.W., Beeker, C.D., Elswick, E.R and Kauffman, E.G. (in review) A snapshot of coastal resources at the close of Caribbean prehistory. Journal of Caribbean Archaeology, 23 manuscript pages,10 figs, 3 tables.

Elswick, E.R. and Anwar, A.M. (submitted) Sandstone petrology and rare earth and trace element geochemistry of the Early Permian Santa Rosa Group sediments, Maya Mountains, Belize. Journal of Sedimentary Research

Elswick, E.R., Hanselmann, F., Beeker, C., Kauffman, E.G. and Conrad, G. (submitted) Cara Merchant: sources of ballast stones for the 1699 shipwreck, Catalina Island, Dominican Republic. Chemical Geology

Johnson, C.C. Morgenthien, J.N., Martinez-Colon, M., Santos Mercado, H., Kauffman, E.G., Elswick, E.R. (submitted) Late Cretaceous paleoecology of El Rayo Formation carbonates, Puerto Rico. Palaios

Elswick, E.R., Gercke, E.S., Miller, O.L., Beeker, C.D. and Sauer, P.E. (submitted) Late Holocene climate record from southeast Dominican Republic. Quaternary Research

Elswick, E.R., Sauer, P.E. and Hill, M.M. Sedimentation and nutrient loading rates, Griffy Reservoir, Bloomington, IN. Journal of Environmental Quality

Johnson, C.C., Kauffman, E.G., Elswick, E.R., Davis, A.M. Paleotropical carbonate-siliciclastic depositional systems, mid-Cretaceous, Puerto Rico. Palaios

Degler, J.M., Elswick, E.R. and Sauer, P.E., Local climate history through stable isotopic analysis from at monoculture stand of lodge pole pines, Willow Creek Demonstration Watershed, Pony, MT. Northwest Science