Emeriti & Associates

David L. Dilcher, Emeritus Professor

David’s research is in paleobotany, includingthe origin of flowers to the reproductive biology of the first flowering plants the evolution of diversity in early angiosperms, the recognition of early phylogenic lines of relationship between major taxa, trends in angiosperm evolution and Cenzoic radiations of the groupand their phytogeography. He also works on evolutionary biology, plant/animal coevolution, biostratigraphy, biodiversity, and global vegetational change.

Bob Dodd, Emeritus PROFESSOR

Bob has done research in paleoecology including the trace chemistry and isotopic composition of fossils. He has also studied the origin and diagenesis of carbonate rocks in Indiana and New Zealand. Although retired, Bob regularly visits the department and enjoys the opportunity for consultation with students on topics in paleoecology, carbonate petrology, and Indiana geology. Bob is interested in seeing and photographic the beauty of geologic features and travels the world to find new examples.

Todd Thompson, State Geologist and Director of the Indiana Geological Survey

As the Director of the Indiana Geological Survey and State Geologist of Indiana, Todd Thompson serves as chief executive of the institution, providing overall leadership in fulfilling the mission in directed research, service, and education. Todd has worked at the Indiana Geological Survey for more than 25 years in a number of different capacities. His areas of research have been on the architecture of ancient carbonate shoals and its relevance on recoverable dimension stone, the impact of seismicity on Wabash River drainage behavior, and the stratigraphy of middle Mississippian sediments in south-central Indiana. Most of his work, however, has been on past lake-level change in the upper Great Lakes and concomitant shoreline behavior.

Todd received his undergraduate degree from Allegheny College and his master’s and doctoral degrees from Indiana University.