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June, 1952 (Inaugural Issue)
FACULTY tracks and trails
from deep (sort of) time
News items from historic issues of
the Departmental Newsletter and the
Hoosier Geologic Record
Lee J. Suttner
The following material is mostly
quoted verbatim; all past issues of
the departmental newsletter and the
Hoosier Geologic Record are currently
being scanned and will become available
on-line on our departmental website.

C.F. Deiss (Chair), J.J. Galloway, R.E. Esarey, B.H. Mason,
W.D. Thornbury, C.J. Vitaliano, J.B. Patton, J.W. Mead,
R.E. Dean, W.R. Lowell, P.D. Proctor, T.G. Perry, H.H. Mur-
University (14,360), College of Arts and Sciences
(2590), Undergraduate Geology Majors (63), Graduate
Geology Majors (43). Factors contributing to decreased
enrollment are expiration of veterans’ benefits, increas-
ing cost of education, the call of the armed services and
the sirenic call of high salaries paid by industry.

STORIES John Patton, R.E. Deane and Wayne Lowell taught the
eight-week summer field course at the Indiana Univer-
sity Geologic Field Station in Jefferson Island, Montana.

Forty-five students were enrolled.

Professor Thornbury spent the summer at Pomona Col-
lege in Claremont, California writing the first draft of his
Principles of Geomorphology textbook.

Visiting lecturers included Walter Voskuil, Illinois Geo-
logical Survey (“Minerals on the Russian Border and
What They Mean”), G.W. Tyrell, England (“Geochemistry
52 | hgr
Architect’s rendering of the Geology
building, which was constructed from
1957 to 1962. Note that in this model,
there are seven floors and a low-relief
sculpture above the front entrance.

of Sediments”), Kenneth Caster ,
University of Cincinnati (“A Geolo-
gist Looks at Brazil”), Harlow Shap-
ley, Harvard University (“Astronom-
ical Dating of the Earth’s Crust”),
R.P. Goldthwait, Ohio State Univer-
sity (“Baffinland Expedition”).

The Oil and Gas Division of the In-
diana Department of Conservation,
which was created and moved to
the Indiana University campus in
1947, was officially changed to Geo-
logical Survey, Indiana Department
of Conservation. Ten fellowships
and assistantships were made
available by the Survey for gradu-
ate students in the Department.