Stewart Farrell IUGFS (1966)
Home: Port Republic NJ
Comments: “Still fondly remember the agony of getting
into field traversing shape, driving from Rapid City across
the west and learning one huge amount about western
stratigraphy, geologic history and field mapping that has
always been in the background as we do similar types
of tasks along the New Jersey oceanfront and bayshore
coastlines. “
Gary R. Gates IUGFS 1995
Home: Morro Bay CA
Comments: Married to Marilyn Gates
Finn V. (Vivian) Gratton G429 (1982)
Home: Santa Cruz CA
Career: Psychologist, Trainer, Consultant, Finn Vivian
Gratton, LMFT
Russ Hartford IUGFS (1969-70)
Home: Kalispell MT
Comments: “I came to IU with a masters in chemistry
and a lifelong interest in geology and geophysics. After
attending IU for a year and the field station that summer
I returned to Kalispell and teaching. The next year I add-
ed a course in geology in addition to the chemistry I was
teaching. Each year we were able to go up to Grinnell Gla-
cier and take a week long trip around Montana, Idaho, and
Yellowstone National Park. During the 22 years we did this
we had a least one student go on to study geology and/or
geological engineering. I retired from teaching at Flathead
High School in 1993. Just this last spring I retired again,
this time from Flathead Valley Community College. Can’t
thank Judd Mead and the rest of the staff enough for a
lifetime of pleasant memories.”
Jon Hassinger G429
Home: Evergreen CO
Career: CI International, Inc.

Adam Heffeman G429 (1998)
Home: Houston TX
Career: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Dick (Harold) Holbo G429 (1960)
Home: Albany OR
Career: Retired from Comstock Instrument
Paul Kapp G429
Home: Tucson AZ
Career: Professor, Geology, Tectonics, Wind. Department
of Geosciences, University of Arizona
Tim Ku G429
Home: Middletown CT
Career: Associate Professor of Department of Earth and
Environmental Sciences, Wesleyan University
Robert N. Lambe G429 (1972)
Home: Topsfield MA
Career: GEI Consultants, Inc.

Comments: “Attending the IU field course and faculty in-
spired me to pursue my Ph.D.; my research area was the
Boulder Batholith. While I intended to pursue a career in
teaching, having been inspired and counseled by several
of the IU faculty, I ended up working in the mining industry
for Exxon Minerals and then Newmont Mining. As the U.S.

mining industry declined, I ended up spending much of
my subsequent years as a consultant with Arthur D. Little,
pursuing mining and environmental projects throughout
the world. I truly feel that the experience at the field sta-
tion, including the opportunity to be an associate instruc-
tor in 1973, and the inspiration of the faculty was one of
the most important and decisive events in my almost 40
year career.“
Whitney Littleton G429 (2000)
Home: Centennial CO
Career: Gilbane Federal, Inc. Construction Engineering
Company Robert M. Mason G429
Home: Littleton CO
Comments: “Married to wife, Penny, 48 years. Three
daughters: Shannon, Megan, Holly. Six grandkids. 42 years
in oil and gas. Ex-Shell Oil, Southland Royalty, Meridian Oil.

Retired as VP Exploration, Andex Resources. Still consult-
ing. Just finished high potential oil prospect in northern
Nevada and still sharing my love of geology with young
grade school kids. Fondest Field Camp memory: I brought
my bagpipes to field camp and piped my fellow students
to the trucks most mornings. Also, living in Billings, MT, in
1988. Took Megan skiing at Bridger Bowl. While going up
chairlift saw large overturned fold just north of ski area.

Told Meg: “I mapped that outcrop as part of a field test
back in 1965 at IU field camp when you were just a twinkle
in my eye”. In many ways G429 was an important building
block for my career. All the best! “
Morgan McGee-Solomon G429
Home: Wilmington DE
Career: Delaware Department of Natural Resources in the
Control Site Investigation and Restoration Section
Ryan McNulty G429 (1993)
Home: Lincoln RI
Michael Minner G429 (1994)
Home: Bakersfield CA
Career: Chevron, Inc.

Keri Murch (Chappell) 429e
Home: Petaluma CA
Career: works on major oil company environmental reme-
diation projects in western US
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