alumni notes
Autumn Skye Murray IUGFS (2016)
Home: Lancaster KY
Career: Graduate student at Tulane University
Brian Noonan IUGFS (1995)
Home: Houston TX
Career: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Christopher Nowak G429 (1991)
Home: Bothell WA
Robert Gregory Nesselhauf G429 (1970)
Home: Fairbanks AK
Career: Retired from R.G. Nesselhauf, Consulting
Comments: “I was a TA for the G429 6-Credit Options
for both the years 1971 and 1972. I look back to the three
years that I was associated with the G429 - first year as a
student and the following two years as a TA - as the happi-
est geologic experiences in my lifetime.“
Chris Paschke G429 (1992)
Home: Houston TX
Career: PHPBilliton Petroleum
Comments: “Thanks for this. I sent in the paper form, but
I wanted to update my info on the website as well. I am
sorry that I will miss the function in Houston in January.“
Sarah Pearce (Newland) G429 (1999)
Home: Golden CO
Career: San Francisto Estuary Institute
Comments: “I have been in California since 2001 working
as a geomorphologist, and am one of the leads of the Cal-
ifornia Rapid Assessment Method for wetlands (cramwet- But my family moved to Denver this summer
for my husband’s job with USACE. I still have many proj-
ects to complete with the San Francisco Estuary Institute,
but ultimately want to transition to a Colorado firm or
agency. I would be grateful to talk with field camp alum in
Colorado to begin networking.“
Jordan Pelfrey G429e (2015)
Home: Cumming GA
Career: Advanced Disposal
Scott Pflug G429 (1993)
Home: Grand Junction CO
Career: Co-Owner, Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning
John Quinn G429 (1986)
Home: Downers Grove IL
Career: Argonne National Laboratory
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Kent Reser G429 (1978)
Home: Marietta GA
Career: Retired from IBM after a 38 year career
Comments: “It was a great once in a lifetime experi-
ence - getting there; the field camp; afterward and get-
ting home. I would love to get the contact info for 3 of
my classmates from G429 1978: Joseph Martin, Curtis
Smith & Robert Goldstein.“
Eric Riggs G429 (1995)
Home: Houston TX
Career: On faculty at Texas A&M University
Comments: “Hope all is well for you guys! Miss teach-
ing up there!”
Lorri Ronis (Maloney) G429 (1984)
Home: Herndon VA
Lanya Ross IUGFS (1997)
Home: St. Paul MN
Career: Metropolitan Council
Frank Scavo G429 (1972)
Home: Irvine CA
Career: Strativa, Inc. Computer Economics, Inc.

Comments: “The field studies was a high point of my
life. Although I never worked in a geology-related field,
I treasured this experience. I enjoyed watching the vid-
eos of the students today. Thanks for reaching out.”
Janet Schweitzer IUGFS (1981)
Home: Golden CO
Michael Sharwood (Schaiowitz), M.A.

Home: Australia. Married to Helen Sharwood, Retired
Brian Shaw G429 (1972)
Home: McLean VA
Career: National Intelligence University at the Pentagon
Comments: “Currently serving as Dean of the Oetting-
er School of Science and Technology Intelligence. The
School is the focus of S&T degree-granting education
across intelligence and national security communities.

The National Intelligence University was chartered by
the Department of Defense in 1962, and the Universi-
ty’s degrees — the Master of Science and Technology
Intelligence, the Master of Strategic Intelligence and the
Bachelor of Science in Intelligence — are authorized by

David C. Shelton IUGFS (1966)
Home: Golden CO
Career: Retired from Shelton Environmental LLC
Comments: “Amazing that you found me after all these
years. My last Clay in Calico coffee mug is now broken.“
Ching Tu G429/429e (2005)
Home: Houston TX
Career: Schlumberger-WesternGeco (Retired)
Mark Stacy IUGFS (1991)
Home: Fort Collins CO
Career: Wenck Associates, Inc.

Comments: “Great to hear that fieldcamp is still going
strong! Need more well trained geologists. Are you offer-
ing a hydrogeologist’s class? “
R. Greg Vaughan G429 (1991)
Home: Flagstaff AZ
Career: US Geological Survey
Frederick (Fred) Stanin G429 (1978)
Home: Lafayette CA
Career: Arcadis Design and Consulting
Edward M. Stolper G429 (1972)
Home: Pasadena CA
Career: Provost; William E. Leonhard Professor of Geol-
ogy; Carl and Shirley Larson Provostial Chair, Division of
Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of
Technology Robert Swartz G429 (1993)
Home: Folsom CA
Career: Regional Water Authority
Jennifer N. Swift G429 (1984)
Home: Los Angeles CA
Career: Spatial Sciences Institute, USC
Comments: “Dear James, What a wonderful letter! I will
surely try to connect at a conference in the future. FYI, Don
Hattin was my “Uncle Don”, and very influential through-
out my life. He and Aunt Margie grew up with my parents
on the east coast. We will all miss him very much. He is the
one who encouraged me to attend camp w/IU rather than
the school I was attending. I could scan my photos from
1984 field camp if you’d like them for the website? I still
have them in an album :) I look forward to hearing from
you. Happy Holidays! All the best, Jen “
David Tett G429 (1990)
Home: Cypress TX
Career: Development Geophysicist https://www.linkedin.

com/in/dltett Dan Thompson G429 (2001)
Home: Andover MN
Career: Dakota Technologies
Dennis Tryon IUGFS (1962)
Home: Tucson AZ
Andrew Van Benschoten IUGFS (1965)
Home: New Kingston NY
Marwan A. Wartes G429 (1996)
Home: Fairbanks AK
Career: Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical
Surveys Christine Weaver (Gordon) G429 (1994)
Home: Sterling Forest NY
Career: HDR Engineering, Mahwah, NJ
Ronald Wilkins G429 (1986)
Home: Carrollton TX
Ben Witherell G429 (1987)
Home: Flemington NJ
Career: New Jersey Department of Environmental Pro-
tection Donald Wittemore G429 (1967)
Home: Lawrence KS
Career: Kansas Geological Survey
Comments: “As an undergraduate chemistry major
with several geology courses at the University of New
Hampshire, and as a first-year graduate student in
geochemistry at MIT, I did not have as much geologic
field experience as most geology majors. MIT sent their
students without a field course to the IU field program,
which was very valuable training in the development of
my geologic background. After the IU field program, I
transferred to Penn State University because I wished
to obtain a geosciences degree with more practical
application to the environment. During the summer of
1968, I spent a summer of geologic mapping and pros-
pecting for a mining services company in the Canadi-
an arctic, for which the IU field training was especially
valuable. I obtained a Ph.D. in geochemistry and min-
eralogy at Penn State and then started my career as
an Assistant Professor in Geology at Kansas State Uni-
versity. At KSU I worked on groundwater and environ-
mental geochemistry, earning tenure, before I decided
to join the Kansas Geologic Survey at the University
of Kansas in 1978, where I have conducted research in
hydrogeochemisty. I am now in my last year of phased
retirement as a Senior Scientific Fellow. “
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