atmospheric sciences
Chanh Kieu, Cody Kirkpatrick, Paul Staten
Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University is a dynamic program with exciting opportunities to under-
take field, satellite, or modeling research. Our faculty members actively conduct both observational and
modeling studies of weather and climate processes across scales, from cold fronts and tropical cyclones, to
global atmospheric cloud and circulation patterns.

The Atmospheric Sciences Group is an active participant in the interdisciplinary research of other Earth and
Atmospheric Sciences faculty, including paleoclimate research and global climate change studies.

The Department’s diverse, close-knit group of researchers enjoys a collective expertise in atmosphere-hy-
drosphere-solid Earth interactions. We are among the most active users of IU’s high-performance parallel
computing facilities which include the new Big Red II machine - one of the world’s 70 fastest supercomput-
ers. CHANH KIEU Assistant Professor | Atmospheric Sciences
My research focuses on theoretical and numerical studies of hurricane dynamics and structure. The fun-
damental questions that my research group currently tackle are how far in advance can we predict hur-
ricane intensity within a given accuracy, the abnormal structure of a hurricane’s inner core at a very high
intensity limit, and potential changes in hurricane intensity and frequency in future climates.

My research employs extensive theoretical tools along with cloud-resolving model simulations on the IU
exceptional high-performance computing system.

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