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Kaj Johnson

representative publications

Johnson, K.M., Mavrommatis, A.P. and Segall, P. 2016. Small interseismic asperities and widespread aseismic creep on the northern Japan subduction interface. Geophysical Research Letters 43. DOI

Mavrommatis, A.P., Segall, P., Uchida, N. and Johnson, K.M. 2015. Long-term acceleration of aseismic slip preceding the Mw 9 Tohoku-oki earthquake: Constraints from repeating earthquakes. Geophysical Research Letters 42. DOI

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Sun, J., Johnson, K.M., Cao, Z., Shen, J.-C. Bürgmann, R. and Xu, X. 2011. Mechanical constraints on inversion of co-seismic geodetic data for fault slip and geometry: example from InSAR observation of the 6 October 2008 Mw 6.3 Dangxiong-Yangyi (Tibet) earthquake, J. Geophys. Res. 116:B01406. DOI

Kanu, C. and Johnson, K.M. 2011. Arrest and Recovery of Frictional Creep on the southern Hayward fault triggered by the 1989 Loma Prieta, California earthquake and Implications for Future Earthquakes, J. Geophys. Res. 116:B04403. DOI

In Preparation

Chuang, R.Y., Johnson, K.M., Kuo, Y.T., Wu, Y.M., Chang, C.H. and Kuo, L.C. (submitted) Retro-wedge backthrust of the doubly-vergent Taiwan orogenic belt illuminated from joint inversions of seismic and GPS data for the 2013 Rueisuei earthquake, Geophysical Research Letters.