Maria Mastalerz

Representative Publications

Coalbed Methane: Scientific, Environmental and Economic Evaluation. 1999. M. Mastalerz, M. Glikson, and S.D. Golding (Eds), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 592 p.

Organic Matter and Mineralisation; Thermal Alteration, Hydrocarbon Generation and Role in Metallogenesis. 2000. M. Glikson and M. Mastalerz (Eds) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 450 p.

Recent book chapters

Mastalerz, M. 2014. Coalbed methane: Reserves, Production, and Future Outlook. In: T. Letcher, Ed. Future Energy, second edition. 145-158.

Gao. L., Mastalerz, M. and Schimmelmann, A. 2014. The origin of coal bed gas. In: P. Thakur and K. Aminian (Eds) Coal bed methane: From prospect to pipeline. Coal Bed Methane. Elsevier. 2-29.

Mastalerz, M., Drobniak, A., Hower, J.C. and O’Keefe, J.M.K. 2010. Spontaneous combustion and coal petrology. In: G.B. Stracher, A. Prakash, and E.V. Sokol (Eds) Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective. Elsevier. 1:47-62.

Mastalerz, M., Rupp, J., Drobniak, A., Harpalani, S., Anderson, A., Korose, K., Frailey, S. and Morse, D. 2009. Assessment of CO2 sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane potential in unminable coal seams of the Illinois Basin. In: M. Grobe, J.C. Pashin, and R.L. Dodge (Eds) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geological Media – State of the Art, AAPG Studies in Geology 59:149-171.

Kvale, E.P., Mastalerz, M., Furer, L.C., Engelhardt, D.W., Eble, C. and Rexroad, C. 2004. Atokan and Early Desmoinesian Coal-bearing Parasequences in Indiana, USA. In: J.C. Pashin and R.A. Gastaldo (Eds) Sequence Stratigraphy, Paleoclimate, and Tectonics of Coal-Bearing Strata, AAPG Studies in Geology 51:71-88.

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