Mineralogy Graduate Student Theses


Cola, Elizabeth C. M.S. 2014. "Deformation-induced development of kyanite and fibrolitic sillimanite in monzodiorite orthogneiss, southwest Connecticut" Document URL

Field, Joshua D. M.S. 2014. "Low-temperature alteration of the Davis Formation of the Elvins Group and its relationship to the regional Mississippi Valley-type ore genesis in the southeast Missouri Lead District" Document URL


Kadakia, Abhy M.S. 2013. "The effects of steam on the surface properties of palygorskite: Implications for palygorskite-water i nteractions" Document URL

Yuan Honhji Ph.D. 2013. "Improved X-ray Powder Diffraction Modeling of Interstratified Phyllosilicates with Application to Quantitative Analysis" Document URL


Podratz, Laura A. M.S. 2012. "Mineralogy and crystal chemistry of the jarosite-alunite and natrojarosite-natroalunite solid solution series" Document URL

Pu, X. M.S. 2012. "Geochemical and petrologic evaluation of lower island arc crust partial melting in the Yakuno ophiolite, Japan."


Cheshire, Michael C. Ph.D. 2011. "Isotopic and geochemical composition of the Georgia kaolins: Insights into formation and diagenetic conditions" Document URL

Robertson, Kevin Ph.D. 2011. "The stability and crystallography of Mars relevant hygroscopic salts: Implications for environmental conditions of formation and their subsequent role in the water cycle" Document URL

Wang, Hsiu-Wen Ph.D. 2011. "Investigation of phase transition behaviors and transition mechanisms of NAT-topology zeolites in T Pwater space" Document URL


Liu, Tingting M.S. 2010. "Mineralogical study of evaporites from the Lewis Cliff Ice Tongue, Antarctica: a potential Martian analog." Location in IUCAT


Yuan, Hongji, M.S., 2009. "Forward and inverse modeling of X-ray diffraction effects from phyllosilicates."

Zhu, Liming, Ph.D. 2009. "An integrated study of steam-induced property changes of clay minerals" Document URL


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Wang, Hsiu-Wen, 2007. "Dehydration/rehydration-induced structural phase transitions in natrolite."


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Document URL

Wang, Yifeng, Ph.D. 1993. "Genesis of repetitive and non-repetitive textures in diagenetic, weathering, and igneous processes: Feedbacks, boundary conditions, self-organization, and reaction-transport models" Document URL


Elzea, Jessica M., Ph.D. 1990. "Geology, geochemistry, selected physical properties, and genesis of the Cretaceous Clay Spur Bentonite in Wyoming and Montana" Document URL | IUCAT URL