Professional Development Award

The Professional Development Award honors an undergraduate student of Geology with a strong GPA who demonstrates outstanding Departmental Citizenship and an excellent potential for future development. Normally the recipient of this award is already conducting independent research in one of the Department’s research groups and has made substantial contributions of time and talent to various Departmental student organizations such as SGE or Sigma Xi. With funds donated from the Department of Geological Sciences, this award is a one year subscription to a Professional Society of Choice.

Award Winners

2018 Caroline Bedwell
2017 Grace Carlson
2016 Ryan Yoler
2015 Chris Helou
2014 Madeline Lewis
2013 Joseph Biasi
2012 Crystal Wespestad
2011 Emily Stewart and Kent Griffith
2010 Marcella Yant
2009 Crystal Hout
2007 Laura Jones