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Lazar, O.R., Bohacs, K.M., Macquaker, J.H.S., Schieber, J. and Demko, T.M. 2015. Integrated approach for the nomenclature and description of the spectrum of fine-grained sedimentary rocks. Journal of Sedimentary Research 85:230-246. Link

Schieber, J. 2015. Discussion: Mud dispersal across a Cretaceous prodelta: Storm-generated, wave-enhanced sediment gravity flows inferred from mudstone microtexture and microfacies by Plint (2014). Sedimentology 61:609–647 (pages 389–393). Sedimentology 62:389-393. Link

Schieber, J. 2014. Traces In the Dark—Sedimentary Processes and Facies Gradients In the Upper Devonian–Lower Mississippian Upper Shale Member of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota, U.S.A.—Discussion. Journal of Sedimentary Research 84:837-838. Link

Wilson, R. and Schieber, J. 2014. Muddy prodeltaic hyperpycnites in the Lower Genesee Group of Central New York, USA: Implications for mud transport in epicontinental seas. Journal of Sedimentary Research 84:866-874. Link

Schieber, J., Southard, J.B., Kissling, P., Rossman, B. and Ginsburg, R. 2013. Experimental Deposition of Carbonate Mud From Moving Suspensions: Importance of Flocculation and Implications For Modern and Ancient Carbonate Mud Deposition. Journal of Sedimentary Research 83:1025-1031.

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Basu, A., Schieber, J., Patranabis–Deb, S. and Dhang, P.C. 2013. Recycled detrital quartz grains are sedimentary rock fragments indicating unconformities: examples from the Chhattisgarh Supergroup, Bastar craton, India. Journal of Sedimentary Research 83:368–376. DOI

In Preparation

Lazar, R., Schieber, J. and Over, J. (submitted). A New Stratigraphic Framework for the Devonian New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin. Indiana Geological Survey Special Publications.

Glamoclija, M., Schieber, J., Szynkiewicz, A., and Beard, B. (submitted). Physical and geochemical microbial biosignatures from a submarine hydrothermal location north of Panarea Island, Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy. Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta.