Sed-Strat Ph.D. and M.S. Theses


Kellie Donoghue, Ph.D. 8/2015, Advisor: Juergen Schieber. "Investigation of Prominent Mineralized Fractures in the Middle to Upper Devonian Mudstones of the Illinois Basin: Implications for Multi-Episode Fluid Migration and Seal Breach"

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Murphy, Robert Ph.D. 2015 Advisor: Juergen Schieber. "Depositional systems interpretation of early Permian mixed siliciclastics and carbonates, Midland Basin, Texas." Document URL


Mizsei, Daniel M.S. 2014 Advisor: Juergen Schieber. "Mudstone facies of the Upper Ordovician Maquoketa Group of Indiana and their paleoenvironments." Document URL

Riese, David J. Ph.D. 2014 Advisor: Juerge Schieber. "The significance of crypto- and macrobioturbation in the New Albany Shale for the interpretation of depositional histories: An integrated approach using core descriptions, CT scans, neoichnology experiments, and geochemistry." Document URL

Zabrecky, Justin P. M.S., 2014 Advisor: Juergen Schieber. "Identification and characterization of the middle devonian portwood member of the new Albany shale in the Appalachian and Illinois basins." Document URL


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Wilson, Ryan M.S. 2012 Advisor: Juergen Schieber. "Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Geneseo Formation of New York: Implications for accommodation during a eustatic sea-level rise." Document URL


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Growden, Martha Ph.D. 2010 Advisor: Bob Wintsch. "Crustal development and deformation of Laurentia during the Trans-Hudson and Alleghenian orogenies." Document URL


Attenoukon, Miriam B. Ph.D. 2009 Advisor: Bob Wintsch. "Ages and origins of metamorphic fabrics and the tectonics of southeastern New England." Document URL


McWilliams, Cory Ph.D. 2008 Advisor: Bob Wintsch. "The tectonic evolution of the Connecticut Valley Synclinorium: Constraints from argon/argon thermochronology, uranium-lead geochronology, thermobarometry and thermal modeling." Document URL


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Way, Nathan Ph.D. 1998. Advisor: Lee Suttner. "Incipient structural development of the Western Interior Foreland as inferred from tectonostratigraphic analysis of the Lakota Formation (Early Cretaceous)." Document URL