Brian Yanites

representative publications

Yanites, B.J. and Ehlers, T.A. (in press) Intermittent glacial sliding velocities explain long-timescale variations in denudation, SW British Columbia. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. DOI

Forte, A.M., Yanites, B.J. and Whipple, K.X. 2016. Complexities of landscape evolution during incision through layered stratigraphy with contrasts in rock strength. Earth Surf. Process. Landforms. DOI

Ehlers, T.A., Szameitat, A., Enkelmann, E., Yanites, B.J. and Woodsworth G.J. 2015. Identifying spatial variations in glacial catchment erosion with detrital thermochronology. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf.120. DOI

Yanites, B.J. and Kesler, S.E. 2015. A climate signal in exhumation patterns revealed by porphyry copper deposits. Nature Geoscience 8(6):462-465.

Jeffery, M.L., Yanites, B.J., Poulsen, C.J. and Ehlers, T.A. 2014. Vegetation-precipitation controls on Central Andean topography. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf. 119. DOI

Wilcox, T., Mueller, K., Upton, P., Powell, L.K., Chen, Y.G., Huang, S.T., Yanites, B.J. and Tucker, G. 2013. Structural inheritance and erosional controls on thrust kinematics in western Taiwan. Geosphere. DOI

Yanites, B.J., Ehlers, T.A., Becker, J.E., Schnellman, M. and Heuberger, S. 2013. High magnitude and rapid incision from river capture: Rhine River, Switzerland. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf 118. DOI

Jeffery, M.L., Ehlers, T.A., Yanites, B.J. and Poulsen, C.J. 2013. Quantifying the role of paleoclimate and Andean Plateau uplift on river incision. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf 40. DOI

Yanites, B.J. and Ehlers, T.A. 2012. Global climate and tectonic controls on the denudation of glaciated mountains. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325-326:63-75. DOI

Yanites, B.J., Tucker, G.E., Hsu, H.L., Chen, C.C., Chen, Y.G. and Mueller, K.J. 2011. The influence of sediment cover variability on long term incision rates: an example from the Peikang River, central Taiwan. JGR-Earth Surface 116:F03016, DOI

Wilcox, T., Mueller, K., Upton, P., Chen, Y.G., Huang, S.-T., Yanites B. and Tucker, G. 2011. Linking Taiwan’s Subcritical Hsueshan Range Topography and Foreland Basin Architecture. Tectonics 30:TC4011. DOI

Yanites, B.J. and Tucker, G.E. 2010. Controls and limits on bedrock channel geometry. J. Geophys. Res. 115:F04019 DOI Highlighted as "Research Spotlight" in EOS: DOI

Yanites, B.J., Tucker, G.E., Mueller, K.J. and Chen, Y.G. 2010. How rivers react to large earthquakes: evidence from central Taiwan. Geology 38(7):639-642. DOI

Yanites, B.J., Tucker, G.E., Mueller, K.J., Chen, Y.G., Wilcox, T., Huang, S.Y. and Shi, K.W. 2010. Incision and channel morphology across active structures along the Peikang River, central Taiwan: Implications for the importance of channel width. GSA-Bulletin 122(7-8):1192-1208. DOI

Hsu, H.L., Yanites, B.J., Chen, C.C. and Chen, Y.G. 2010. Bedrock detection using 2D electrical resistivity imaging along the Peikang River, central Taiwan. Geomorphology 114(3):406-414. DOI

Yanites B.J., Tucker, G.E. and Anderson, R.S. 2009. Numerical and analytical models of cosmogenic radionuclide dynamics in landslide-dominated drainage basins. J. Geophys. Res. 114:F01007, DOI

Pelletier, J.D., DeLong, S., Al Suwaidi, A.H., Cline, M., Lewis, Y., Psillas, J.L. and Yanites, B. 2006. Evolution of the Bonneville shoreline scarp in west-central Utah: Comparison of scarp-analysis methods and implications for the diffusion model of hillslope evolution. Geomorphology 74(1-4). DOI

Yanites B.J., Webb, R.H., Griffiths, P.G. and Magirl, C.S. 2006. Debris flow deposition and reworking by the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona. Water Resources Research 42:W11411. DOI AGU Editor’s Choice Article.

Norman, L.M., Gishey, M., Gass, L., Yanites, B., Pfeifer, E., Simms, R. and Ahlbrant, R. 2006. Processed 1938 Aerial Photography for Selected Areas of the Lower Colorado River, Southwestern United States. U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2006-1141.

Publications in Review or Preparation

Sorensen, C.S. and Yanites, B.J. (in revision, JGR-Earth Surface) Latitudinal controls on topography: the role of precipitation and fluvial erosion.

Larimer, J.E. and Yanites, B.J. (in prep, to be submitted summer, 2016 to Geology) Late Miocene incision of the Salmon River: Implications for the driving mechanism of topographic evolution of the Inland Northwest.

Yanites, B.J., Ehlers, T.A., Becker, J.E. and Schnellman, M. (in prep, JGR-Earth Surface) Modeling the complex erosion history in the eastern Jura: the importance of stratified erodibility.