A breadth of geoscience learning opportunities

The breadth of our undergraduate and graduate teaching fosters geoscience education while providing exceptional learning opportunities. Our curriculum features foundation courses in core aspects of the geological sciences, complemented by specialized training in evolving subdisciplines. Many of our courses include fieldwork, most notably those taught at the Judson Mead IU Geologic Field Station, our permanent field campus in Montana.

Our discipline involves the interdisciplinary research and scientific study of the earth and planets. Within our subject area, specializations include biogeochemistry, geobiology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, geophysics, structural geology and tectonics, hydrogeology, economic geology and mineral and clay geology. Our work encompasses field-based, analytical, and theoretical research.

Our department offers B.S. and B.A. degree programs, an honors undergraduate program, and M.S. and Ph.D. graduate degree programs centered on research dissertations. We partner with other campus programs for the B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences.

Science-based stewardship

We seek to discover, use, and manage Earth’s resources in clean and sustainable ways. In the twenty-first century, the role of geology in society is, in a large measure, that of stewardship of the Earth. We bear the responsibility of knowing that it will be atmospheric and geoscientists who will ensure that energy resources are used prudently and that our water resources are managed in renewable ways and not squandered as limitless.

The challenges in our discipline will continue to grow as we confront the serious problems that face humankind—global warming, environmental pollution, dwindling energy resources (and mining accidents), and natural disasters from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, coastal subsidence, and tsunamis.

Support for our students

We support our undergraduate majors and graduate students through scholarships, fellowships, research grants, travel awards, and other sponsored activities that enhance student experiences in geology—especially field trips. These expenditures are sustained by our endowment funds, which represent an invaluable legacy that derives from the generosity of our alumni.

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