Gain experience in the field

Our students are competitive in obtaining a variety of external internships throughout the country. And, our faculty is proactive in helping students secure internships and other experiential learning opportunities. Many geoscience internships offer stipends and course credit.

Our students pursue a variety of internships. Some examples of previous internships include:

  • KARE 11 in Minneapolis. Broadcasting for the Minnesota State Fair towards the end of August and beginning of September
  • Doing risk analysis for Weather Analytics
  • Climate Prediction research at College Park
  • National Weather Center REU
  • Late stage negotiation to do forecasting work with Crane

American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute offers a wealth of resources for students seeking careers in the geosciences. Visit their website to locate career compasses, internships, industry data, webinars, and more.

Visit the AGI website