Student Experience

A welcoming + collaborative environment

Our graduate students describe the academic atmosphere in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as “open door” and “collaborative.” Our department’s faculty and graduate student population is diverse, enriched by the presence of international students. IU is an outstanding university, welcoming of all students and rich in scientific and cultural pursuits.

Academic fit + quality

IU’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department has an excellent faculty with depth in a wide variety of geological research topics. Check out our faculty profiles, research areas, recent publications, and grants to find the best match or group for your interests. The department welcomes the personal contact of interested graduate students – start a dialogue by phone or email.

Our department often works with other academic and research units at Indiana University such as the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Indiana Geological Survey. We also have an excellent collection of instrumentation and scientific facilities. In fact, a number of schools and research groups send materials to IU for analysis.

Professional development

Our alumni credit the multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary focus as being helpful in their careers. Our students are highly regarded and actively recruited by industry, government, and other academic institutions.

IU Earth and Atmospheric Science’s network of alumni, which includes many distinguished and influential geologists, has a tradition of helping graduates find and secure the jobs they seek. We also have a significant and successful system for connecting graduate students to recruiters.