Peter E. Sauer

Peter E. Sauer

Assistant Scientist, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Assistant Director, Stable Isotope Research Facility


  • Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1997
  • B.A., Carleton College, 1988

Research interests

My research makes use of geochemical proxies to reconstruct the paleoclimatic history of the earth. Through climate reconstructions, it is my goal to improve our understanding of climatic variability, both in terms of the sensitivity of the climate system to various forcings and the range of variability expressed, and both as a result of natural forcing variability and anthropogenic causes. I focus on isotopic tracers of paleoclimate, but the interpretation of stable isotope records depends on an understanding of a variety of other proxy data, including fossil pollen, geomorphic evidence, marine micropaleontology and chemical stratigraphy, and historical records.


I serve on numerous research advisory committees for students at the undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. level. I oversee instrumentation and laboratory space in the Biogeochemical Laboratory and the Stable Isotope Research Facility, including training and supervision of users from Indiana University and off-campus, instrument scheduling, and inventory management for lab supplies. I regularly participate in out-reach and science education programs for K-12 education. I am a regular reviewer for national and international journals and for proposal review for several U.S. funding agencies (NSF, National Geographic).