Fall 2019 Colloquia

Fall 2019 Colloquia

August 26: First day of classes - no colloquium

September 2: Labor Day - no colloquium

September 9: No colloquium - tenure discussions

September 16: No colloquium - tenure discussions

September 23: No Colloquium, GSA

September 30: Liu Xiaomin University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Title: Tracing Chemical Weathering Using Lithium Isotopes

October 21: Professor Ge Sun, Director of Paleontology Museum of Liaoning (special guest of David Dilcher) Title: A brief introduction to the Paleontological Museum of Liaoning (PMOL) and College of Paleontology of Shenyang Normal University (CP-SNU) in Shenyang, China

Wednesday, October 23: Owen Award Talk: Kate Freeman Pennsylvania State University. Title: Molecular fingerprints of wildfires during Cenozoic climatic and biotic upheavals

Abstract: I will share recent work in my group on tracking fire and fossil carbon with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. I will also highlight some of our recent advances with compound-specific isotope analyses, which is only fitting, since that began in Bloomington so many years ago.

November 11: Gabe Filippelli, IUPUI. Title: GeoHealth: The intersection of geosciences and human health research through the lens of pediatric lead poisoning

November 25: No colloquium, Thanksgiving Break

December 2: Jim Handschy, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Title: Tectonic evolution of the Cuu Long Basin, Offshore SE Vietnam

December 9: No Colloquium, AGU

December 16: No Colloquium, Final Exam Week