The 2021 Screwball Award goes to David Polly

The Screwball Trophy

Dr. David Polly won the coveted EAS Screwball Award at the annual Holiday Banquet Awards ceremony on Wednesday, December 8 at the IMU. 

You might ask: "What the heck is a Screwball Award?"

  1. This award is given in recognition of the need to acknowledge the EAS faculty member who has especially distinguished him- or herself during the previous year through actions or deeds which are so clearly symbolized by the motif of this trophy.
    2. All permanent teaching personnel in residence at the time of the award presentation are eligible to receive this award.
    3. The recipient of this award shall be selected through secret ballot (one penny per vote; feel free to stuff the ballot boxes) by all EAS students and faculty.
    4. Presentation of the Award shall be made at the annual Holiday Banquet. The announcement of the winner and actual presentation of the trophy shall be made by the previous year’s winner.
    5. No faculty member shall be eligible to receive this award twice in succession (sorry, Suttner.)

Special Points of Interest

  • 2021-22 Screwball - David Polly (for the second time!)
  • The Screwball Award originated in 1964, by Don Kissling (PhD ‘67) in recognition of the eccentric ways of his advisor, Don Hattin. As Hattin was not the only faculty member with eccentric ways, the presentation was made an annual event. Tom Perry won in 1965, and Judson Mead was the recipient in 1966.
  • The Screwball Award was resurrected in 2006 after a three-year hiatus that sent this department into a state of confusion and despair.
  • Bill Elliott designed and built the New and Improved Screwball Award in 2006.
  • Whether or not Bill had too much time on his hands was a point of hot debate.

Campaign Guidelines

  • Anything goes.
  • However, please try to keep your campaign posters on THIS side of political correctness.
  • You will be in a losing battle with the custodial staff—expect many posters to have a wall life of less than 24 hours.
  • Good luck.
  • May the force be with you.

Other Notable and Distinguished Awards

Here are the other awards presented at the ceremony:

Juergen Schieber won the Bigfoot Award
Kaj Johnson won the Comedian Award
Brian Roberts won the Ugly Sweater Award
Shelby Rader won the DJ Award
Max Scott won the Khaki Crusader Award
Michael Hamburger won the Fossil Fuel Fauci Award
Anne Kort won the Picasso Award